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As a consequence of COVID-19, all walk-in consultation hours have been canceled. You can either make an appointment by calling one of the assistants or you can schedule an appointment online through the WebApp.

Presence of doctors

The workschedules can be found under the heading ‘Staff members’ when you click on the photo.

Consultations by appointment

Consultation hours by appointment in the morning: 08:00 to 10:45.

Consultation hours by appointment in the afternoon: 13:50 to 16:30.


You can make an appointment for either the morning and afternoon consultation hours. To make an appointment, please call the assistant before 12:00 on weekdays. You may be asked about the reason for your visit, this is done to ensure an informed decision can be made about the urgency and amount of time required for your visit. The assistant (like the doctor) is obliged to treat your information with confidentiality.


While making the appointment, please indicate whether you need a single consultation (10 minutes/for a single reason) or a double consultation (20 minutes/for multiple reasons or a longer conversation). This way, we can avoid unnecessary waiting times for our other patients.

House Calls

If a visit to the practice is not possible, the assistant may choose to send the doctor for a house call. For example, if you are too sick, (temporarily) handicapped or immobile.


House calls are not intended for people with time constraints or transportation issues.

Telephone consultations

On weekdays between 13:00 and 13:30.

For simple questions and test results, you can use the telephone consultation hour. If you are unable to reach the doctor during this time, you may also make an appointment with the assistant for a time when the doctor can call you back.

After Hours

If you urgently need a doctor during the evening, night, weekend or on a public holiday, please call HADOKS (formerly known as SMASH). This is an after hours healthcare service unit which is run by the mobile doctors service of The Hague (HADOKS). All GPs who work in the The Hague area are a part of this service.


While calling, please have your insurance details and BSN number at hand. You will then either receive medical advice through the phone, or an appointment to visit a GP post will be made. If it is necessary, the GP will come to your home. You can find more information through the website:


The telephone number is: 070-3469669.


When you call the practice, you will get one of the assistants on the line.


Between 08:00 and 12:00, they will make appointments for consultation hours, home visits (for a visit, please call before 10:00) or refer to the telephone consultation hours (between 13:00-13:30). As GP assistants, they may also be able to provide answers to your medical and practical questions. You can also contact them for referrals, questions about prescriptions and results of routine urine and blood tests. In the afternoon, the assistant is available from 13:30 to 16:00.

The assistant can see you by appointment from 10:00-12:00 and from 14.00-15.00 for the following:

  • blood pressure readings
  • pregnancy tests
  • glucose-level readings
  • injections
  • urine analysis
  • information pamphlets

You can also see the assistant (between 12:00 and 13:00) by appointment for the following:

    • treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen
    • ear cleaning
    • wound dressings/bandaging
    • removal of stitches
    • travel advice and vaccinations
    • swathing
    • electrocardiograms
    • 24-hour blood pressure readings

    The assistants cannot be reached between 12.00 and 13.00 due to administration duties and appointments.

recepten dokter res hable den haag


You can request repeat prescriptions through our prescription line at 070-3503300. When you hear the telephone option menu, please choose option 2.


Please leave a message stating your name, date of birth and telephone number. Then, clearly indicate which medication you need, the dosage, the quantity and the name of your pharmacy.


Prescriptions requested before 11:00 am, can be picked up or delivered the next day after 15:00 pm.


You can also request repeat prescriptions via the WebApp. You can contact the assistant about this. In order to help you, the assistant will need to know your email address and your Dutch phone number.


Next holiday: Monday 1st of May to Friday 5th of May 2023 .

During our holidays and training days, healthcare services are provided by an established group of substitute doctors. You can find out who the designated substitute doctor is at a given time by listening to our answering machine.


Substitute healthcare services are provided based on zip codes:

If you live in zip codes 2585, 2596 or 2597, please contact GP van Gend, praktijk “De Zilverberk” Bronovolaan 3, tel. 070-3507211.

If you live in any other zip code: please contact GP Korte, Badhuisstraat 224, tel. 070-3586678.

MORE HEALTH INFORMATION?  is an independent website for health information, developed and maintained by the Dutch College of GPs. is the English version and contains a selection of topics from the Dutch website. is the first version of the website and will continue to develop and expand.


For advice on vaccinations you can call:

  • Dokter van Marle
          Huisartsen aan Zee, Badhuiskade 9
          Telehone number: 070-3501862
  • KLM Travel Clinic
          Hofweg 9
          Telehone number: 0900 109 1096
  • GGD
          Telehone number: 070 353 7240


Please call the assistent for information about a physical examinations for renewal of your driving license.

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