Practice Information


For an appointment call the assistant.

Consultations appointment

Appointments can be made for the afternoon. For an appointment, call the assistant before 12:00. You may be asked for the reason for your visit so that an informed decision can be made about the urgency of the visit and how much time it may require. One consultation lasts about 10 minutes. If you think you might need longer, please let the assistant know. Anything discussed with the assistant is treated with confidentiality, just as it is with the doctor.

House Calls

If a visit to the practice is impossible, the assistant may chose to send the doctor by for a house call. For instance, if you are too sick, (temporarily) handicapped or immobile.
House calls are not meant for people with time constraints or transportation issues


Telephone consultations

On weekdays between 13.00 and 13.30.
You can call at this time for answers to (simple) questions or for test results. If you are unable to reach the doctors during this designated time, you may also make an appointment with the assistant for the doctor to phone you back.

After Hours

Evenings, nights and weekends. After-hour care is run by the Mobile Doctors Service ofthe Hague (SMASH). All GPs who work in the Hague area participate in this service. The SMASH is open from 17.00 until 8.00 every weeknight, and all day on weekends and official holidays. You can contact them for issues that cannot wait until the next (work) day. Please have your insurance details on hand when phoning.
Telephone: 070-346.96.69.


When you call the practice, you will get one of the assistants on the line. She makes appointments for (telephone) consultations and house-calls. She knows the answer to many practical and medical questions. You can also ask her about referrals, prescriptions and the results of routine urine and blood tests. For any of the above information, please call before noon.

The assistant can see you by appointment from 8.00-12.00 and from 14.00-15.00 for the following:

  • blood pressure readings
  • pregnancy tests
  • glucose-level readings
  • injections
  • urine analysis
  • information pamphlets

You can also see the assistant (between 12.00 and 13.00) by appointment for the following:

    • treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen
    • ear cleaning
    • wound dressings/bandaging
    • removal of stitches
    • travel advice and vaccinations
    • swathing
    • electrocardiograms
    • 24-hour blood pressure readings

    The assistants cannot be reached between 12.00 and 13.00 due to administration duties and appointments.

recepten dokter res hable den haag


Repeat prescriptions can be ordered via our prescription line 0703503300, and choose for option 2.
Please leave a message with your name, date of birth and telephone number. Then, clearly state the medication you need, the dosage, the quantity and the name of your pharmacy.
Prescriptions called in by 11 AM can be picked up or delivered the next day.

Practice Holidays

During our holidays and training days, substitute care is supplied by a fixed group of doctors. You can find out who the designated doctor is at a given time by listening to our answering machine.
Substitute care is supplied on zip code:
If you live on zipcode 2585 or 2597 please contact GP van Gend, Bronovolaan 3, tel. 070-3507211.
All other zip codes: please contact GP Korte, Badhuisstraat 224, tel. 070-3586678

Meer informatie?!

Kijk voor meer informatie op is bedoeld voor mensen die informatie zoeken over gezondheid en ziekten. U kunt de informatie op de website gebruiken:

  • om gezond te blijven;
  • om klachten zelf aan te pakken;
  • als u zich afvraagt wanneer u naar de huisarts moet gaan;
  • als u zich wilt voorbereiden op een gesprek met uw huisarts;
  • als u de uitleg en adviezen nog eens na wilt lezen na een bezoek aan uw huisarts;
  • als u op zoek bent naar meer informatie over een onderwerp.

Huisartsen gebruiken als ondersteuning bij hun voorlichting aan patiënten voor, tijdens en na het consult.

Op reis?

for advice on vaccinations you can call:

  • Dokter van Marle,
          huisartsen aan zee, badhuiskade 9
          telefoonnummer 070-3501862
  • KLM Travel Clinic
          hofweg 9
          telefoonnummer 0900 109 1096
  • GGD
          telefoonnummer 070 353 7240


Indien u een rijbewijskeuring nodig heeft kunt u een afspraak maken met een van de huisartsen in onze praktijk. De keuring wordt uitgevoerd door een andere arts dan uw eigen huisarts. U dient de voorzijde van het keuringsformulier vooraf in te vullen en te ondertekenen en een urinemonster mee te nemen naar de keuring.

De kosten van een rijbewijskeuring zijn € 60

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